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What is Smart Packaging and How to make your package smarter?


Smart Packaging is part of the digital transformation. It describes those packaging with added functions by innovative design or embedded technology to linking the physical world and the digital world together.

Types of Smart Packaging

Design-Led Packaging 

Design-led packaging enhances the product’s functionality and user experience by the innovation of physical package design.

Active Packaging

Active packaging is the earlier alternative to traditional packaging. Active packaging usually means having active functions by using advanced materials or chemistry. The term “active” is compared with traditional packaging only “passively” protects the product.

Active packaging has been used mostly as food packaging to maintain and extend product shelf life. The advantages of using active packaging include temperature control, thermochromatic, moisture retention etc. The components frequently used in active packaging systems include antimicrobial, antioxidants, ethylene scavengers, oxygen scavengers,etc.

Connected Packaging

Connected packaging contains various technologies that embed into product packaging design to transform traditional packages into channels for information and interaction.

There are selections of technology that can choose to achieve this connectivity. Radio Frequency Idfication (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC), QR Code, or Augmented Reality(AR) is the most favorite choice.

enhanced product functionality by the innovation of package forms

Design-Led Packaging

enhanced product functionality by the innovation of package forms
active functions by using advanced materials or chemistry

Active Package

active functions by using advanced materials or chemistry
transform traditional packages into channels for information and interaction

Connected Package

transform traditional packages into channels for information and interaction

How Connected Packaging Works


The brand is the most precious asset for a business. Counterfeit or pirated goods are growing at an alarming rate, from high-end luxury items to daily supplies.

RFID or NFC technology enables every package to come with unique identifiers, making it easier to track an item through the supply chain and verify the authenticity. Packages with RFID offer more comprehensive functions to prevent forgeries by different design approaches, such as tamper evidence and product authentication.

Customer Engagements

A package is the first physical touchpoint of the retail experience for the customer. The core value of Smart Packaging is to interact between consumer and brand owners by embed near field communications (NFC) technology into the package. 

By tapping a smartphone to the smart package, consumers can instantly access the content about the product or brand, such as user manuals, video shows, coupons, surveys, or Facebook like page. Whatever the methods you can come up with to achieve customer engagement.

Smart packages connect with POS displays is another great connection to establish a deeper engagement with the customer. To watch the specific product video introduction by simply a touch is earlier for most consumers to read a brochure in the aisle.

Inventory Management

Smart packaging integrates with RFID technology will be the result of automated logistics processes under 5G+IOT. It will act as a building block on the way to industry 4.0 for many industries.

Track and trace in logistics is already the achieved functionality by embed RFID tags on every single package at the point of manufacture. Smart packaging helps business fully visualize important supply-chain related information, thus pursue more comprehensive SKU management and avoid grey market activities; better understand the dynamic of the market; also promote local store management.

Smart Packaging Problem-Solution Fit

The application of smart packaging should focus on what customers need and the advantage gained from adopting such technology.  ACCUZ focus on the connectivity that makes packaging smarter, offers customized solutions to assist our customer to add value and profit.


Label Solution: Label+Encoding

Who needs: For those use seal label or sticker already as part of their packaging design. 

Solution: ACCUZ will design and provide the RFID label with the exact physical specifications of existing labels. Planning with the brand owner together with a better functional solution to fit their marketing needs. Pre-Encoding of RFID label.

Benefit:  Ready to use RFID label, seamless connection with existing packaging systems.


Labeling Solution: Label+Encoding+Labeling

Who needs: For those customer needs not just RFID label, but also looking for a labeling solution to fit their existing package dimensions.

Solution: ACCUZ will design and provide the RFID label to fit the customer’s package. In addition to providing a labeling solution for smooth automated integration.

Benefit:  Enable customers to achieve marketing upgrades while keeping effectiveness.


Package Solution: Ready to use Smart Package

Who needs: For customers looking for the complete smart packaging solution for a new product or upgrade existing packaging entirely.

Solution: ACCUZ will design the brand-new package to fit the customer’s product with various materials available. RFID or NFC function can be integrated into the package itself without the need for an extra label. 

Benefit:  One-stop solution, Cost-effective. 


Package+ Solution: Plastic Substitutes + Smart Package

smart packaging with sustainable materials

Who needs: For customers are planning to distinct themselves from plastic packaging.

Solutions: Biopolylab focuses on the needs of plastic substitutes. The mission is to research and experiment for Bio-polymers of unique properties to perform as plastics with renewable biomass sources. 

Packaging+ offers a complete solution to integrate the sustainable materials and function of connectivity into a single package.

Benefit:  Branding Enhancement, Cost-effective

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