Top 4 Companies Using Smart Packaging Solutions

Different companies belonging to food & beverages, electronics, clothing line collaborated with NXP Semiconductor Company to design or use smart packaging solutions. Secure RFID-NFC technology by NXP is a successful enabler of smart packaging solutions as it provides unique features for performing business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions. Let’s discuss some interesting examples of companies who are using smart packaging solutions and how they’re leading the world;

Barilla Foods:

It is Italian multinational food and privately-owned company. The company is famous for producing the world’s largest pasta. Barilla has embraced RFID technology to make a unique line of products. Barilla collaborated with Whirlpool appliance manufacturer to design oven based on the RFID technology featuring a meal’s box embedded with passive tag (Smartrac’s tag).

Barilla-enabled RFID oven smartly mixes the ingredients to cook them instantly. The oven has a delay function that permits the user to schedule the timings of cooking. It is smart and intellectual way to cook your food or bake bread when you arrive home from the office or wake up in the morning by giving instructions to Smartrac’s tag containing NXP ICODE Chips.

For more information, visit the Barilla’s official site.


GLOV offers make-up removal gloves and skincare essentials for all types of skin tones and problems. GLOV was founded in the year 2011 by Phenicoptere Polish Company. GLOV is a unique fibre made from polyamide and polyester chemicals to clean the make-up gently and effectively.

The GLOV fibre is covered with smart package integrated with NXP NTAG and Origintag software. The consumer use brand application to communicate with smart NFC tag to verify the authenticity and integrity of GLOV fibre. Make-up lovers also get useful information such as video tutorials, how-to-use instructions, social media platforms, prior feedback and ratings through this brand application.    

Stora Enso:

Stora Enso Oyj, founded in 1998, is a pulp and paper industrial company. Stora Enso has also entered into the world of smart packages by collaborating with NXP technology. This Scandinavian company delivers smart boxes for chocolate. These smart boxes are integrated with NXP NTAG that enables the chocolate lovers to interact with a brand, acquire ingredient information, access product details, get feedback, online recommendation and social media reviews. Tap your NFC-enabled phone over the smart chocolate box, and communicate with the box. 

Since smart packaging means they are embedded with smart sensors and tamper-evidence seals, consumers and owners can scan the box to determine whether the box has been handled perfectly throughout the transmission process or supply chain distribution. 

MouTai Liquor:

Maotai or Moutai is a baijiu’s brand, distilled Chinese liquor. It is also known as the national liquor of China because it’s served on the special occasions and events due to its unique, expensive and high reputation. Being a national liquor of China, counterfeiters and illicit traders use this drink for their illegal activities.

To avoid such circumstances, MouTai liquor now comes in HF-tagged bottles. By tagging RFID tags to these bottles, consumers can now verify the authenticity and traceability of bottles from source to destination endpoints. And not only this, users can gain additional information about the bottles by tapping their smartphones against the RFID tags from a distance of few cm to one meter. These RFID tags contain NXP ICODE chips, supplied by Techsun Group, who is a NXP’s integration partner.

All the above-stated examples describe that smart packaging solutions deliver new ways to engage your audience and secure your products from forging. Have you ever used smart packaging solutions for your product? Let us know in the comment section.