Smart Packing Benefits for Hygiene Products

There is no question that Covid19 has been a global problem, so as not to be contaminated, people are now paying a lot of attention to hygiene, and the need for sanitary items has risen significantly over the last few months. Due to the lack of availability, counterfeit and low-quality goods are on the market, making consumers more aware of hygiene products’ quality.

In this context, delivery mechanisms such as contactless delivery or pick-up alternatives and packaging security have gained immense importance. Previously just a distribution tool, the packaging is increasingly an important element of the product, allowing marketers to connect with consumers, reduce their harmful effects on the environment, and track the goods’ credibility.

This is steadily evolving as smart packaging technology suppliers reduce costs and improve efficiency leading to an increasing interest in the subject. More and more food industry businesses will continue to discover the substantial possibilities and transformative advantages that smart packaging can offer in the coming years.

What is smart packaging?

Smart packaging can be designed to offer additional functionality. This technology can be split into two sub-markets: active packaging, mainly about moisture, temperature, etc. management, and smart packaging, which contains features that represent the condition of products or transmit changes in product and other details.

Let’s look at the RFID technologies in operation. An intelligent packaging method, RFID tags, uses a digital radio wave to distinguish items through a chip placed on the item. The tag sensor includes a database that holds information and other parameters so that RFID readers can decode and trace anything anywhere. Depending on the business specifications, the mask’s producer can opt to add the smart packaging in each medical mask or package. Once the mask is marked with the RFID tag, all activities include packaging, delivery, stock status, and even customer behavior monitored and controlled using RFID devices & systems. In this scenario, customers have to basically scan the RFID smart packaging of a medical mask with a mobile, the associated record & product details will then be seen. They could now decide if a mask is a counterfeit product right away.

With the growing tendency in cosmetics and hygiene towards safe and natural products, active packaging can be favored in some product categories, especially for fresh substances. This helps to provide all-natural products that maintain their quality and enhance their shelf life. The key goal of active packaging is to keep the proportion of preservatives below the acceptable level and monitor freshness, risk of contamination, or deterioration.

Consequently, buyers are willing to spend more on choosing a premium commodity that delivers positive results and lasts much longer than those that are cheaper and without assurance. The hygiene and personal care industry will definitely see phenomenal growth in active smart and intelligent smart packaging in the upcoming days with this extent of recognition by people worldwide.