Smart Packaging Solutions: Intelligent NFC-based COVID-19 Test Kits

The first case of COVID-19 was testified in December 2019 due to SARS-CoV-2 virus strain. After the pandemic outbreak, researchers and scientists tested different vaccines, medicines and treatment to secure public health. 

Undoubtedly, there’s a strong need to develop a reliable vaccine to fight against COVID-19 but the number of different counterfeit kits, faked treatments, and bogus vaccines are also increasing around the world. To tackle the growing challenge of counterfeit medicines, strong security measures, integrity, treatment authentication, traceability and validity are needed. Smart, intelligent and connected packaging has the potential to fight against these counterfeit products. 

Smart packaging contains printed electronics, image recognition, anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering techniques and standard regulations that can fight against non-regulated COVID-19 products. All these characteristics of smart packaging solutions can help the healthcare sector to seize counterfeit and faked treatments. One such notable smart package solution is designed by Jones Healthcare Group by collaborating with NXP Semiconductor and TPG Rewards. 

Working of Intelligent COVID-19 Kits

The outcome of this collaboration has announced ‘‘Intelligent COVID-19 Test Kits’’. These intelligent kits are based on Near-Field Communication (NFC).

The working of intelligent COVID-19 kits follows the basic procedure of NFC in which user uses NFC-enabled smartphone to tap against these kits integrated with NFC tags to verify the integrity of kits.


Both doctors and patients can determine whether the kit has been opened, interfered, tampered by someone prior to treatment. The advantage of these kits is more than the anti-tampering characteristics as patients can get exclusive instructions, how-to-use tutorials in both audio and video formats and different languages across the world.      

With these exclusive health care instructions, patients can also check temperature, humidity, pressure and atmospheric conditions to ensure that vaccines are being stored under the accurate and controlled environmental conditions. This initiative of Jones Healthcare Group, NXP Semiconductor and TPG Rewards will help the medical industry and government authorities to release original, sealed and reliable COVID-19 vaccine, treatment or kits and to maintain transparency, security, efficiency across the entire world. Some other benefits are as follows;

Educating Patients: By tapping over these intelligent kits, NFC-enabled application will take the patients to an official web page where they can find, read and check only reliable information. 

Simple Guidance: Since it is not easy to communicate or visit doctors every time due to social distancing precaution, patients can access quick links, video tutorials to monitor their health condition by using these intelligent kits.

Digital Reminders: Intelligent COVID-19 kits are integrated with smart sensors and based on cloud-based data service that helps the doctors to not only diagnose patient’s health but enable them to send a quick reminder. Patients get an updated prescription, refill reminder and proper instructions.

It improves visibility and control in the supply chain, ensures safe transport, storage and secures the cold chain. If you want to explore more about the promising opportunities of intelligent COVID-19 kit, check out the official blog post of NXP Semiconductors.