Mammut Connect: NFC-Based Premium Outdoor Sport Ecosystem

NFC has been behind most of the smart products that are being developed to provide a connected consumer experience. Mammut, an international outdoor sports equipment provider, became the first of its kind to leverage NFC to give a better consumer experience to customers while gaining supply chain traceability. Mammut is an industry-leading Swiss company excelling at building best in class products with innovation and engineering for more than 150 years. They have started NFC implementation with a view to help customers and retailers using interactive merchandise information.

Mammut Connect & Their Implementation Of NFC

Mammut paid extraordinary importance to its customers by building an ecosystem of NFC-based outdoor apparel and their own mobile app for Android and iOS. Customers will be able to use their NFC-based smartphones to communicate with NFC chips embedded into Mammut products such as a climbing helmet or a skiing jacket. Once the customer pairs their smartphone with Mammut merchandise, they will be able to receive more relevant information and know more about the equipment.

A Complete Customer Engagement

Mammut Connect will be available on every platform, including web, Android, and iOS making it accessible. Besides, the app itself adds a lot of value to the user and the brand by numerous elements. The app also offers a built-in social media platform where users are able to upload their pictures, videos, and location stamps to share their outdoor adventure with all the other users. It will promote their products while enhancing customer engagement. The brand will also benefit from the app to share news, updates, and featured content pertaining to their sponsored athletes.

There are three parts to the app: My Product, My Inspiration, and My Activity. These areas would provide them with relevant information, statistics, and outdoor activity reports to inspire them to make the most out of the Mammut products. Users will be able to collect outdoor experiences under My Activity as a personal diary that can be shared with the Mammut community.

What’s In It For Mammut Customers?

Apart from better customer experience and customer engagement, Mammut Connect offers some direct value to the consumers. One such benefit is an extended product warranty. Mammut will provide five years of warranty to a product that is registered with the Mammut Connect app by the consumers. Additionally, customers will get invited for outdoor adventures, and customers will receive sales offers and better equipment usage guidance from the source itself.

Mammut has been ruling the outdoor sports with their excellent product designs, mobile apps, product engineering, and comfortable apparel. Their initiative with NFC-based connected products influences other brands throughout the world as their market expands to more than 40 countries. Mammut blends the real and online world with its Mammut Connect ecosystem. Mammut has recently acquired a digital crowdsourcing platform called Mountain Hub, and this acquisition will create additional value as customers can share or receive trip reports, routes, and situational updates. Their strategy shows that they care for their customers, and other brands should adopt similar strategies.