Improvising In-Store Customer Experience Using NFC

Customers love it when they walk into a store and get treated like a king. The way salesmen and other customer-care representatives deal with the customer makes a huge impact on their buying decision. If you treat the person with respect and guide them correctly, then the chances of them buying something from your store are very high. However, if you deal with them badly, and do not respond to their queries in the right manner, then they will most likely step out of your store the very next minute.

So, as a store owner, it is important that you focus on things which will enhance the customer experience. There are many ways through which you can make your customers feel worthy. One of those ways is to deal with them in a polite manner and guide them correctly so that they can make the right purchase. Another way is to install an NFC based system, which will help you improve your in-store customer experience.

What Is NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC), as the name suggests, is a technology which allows two devices to communicate wirelessly. The communication can be either one-way or two-way, depending on the type of devices involved. If two smartphones are communicating with each other, then we can say that it is a two-way communication.

However, if an NFC tag and a smartphone are communicating, then it is termed as a one-way information transfer process. Here, the tag is sending information which the smartphone is receiving. You can use this type of wireless communication to enhance the in-store customer experience in your retail store.

How Can NFC Improve Customer Experience?

Almost every other person owns an NFC enabled smartphone, and as a storeowner, you can take advantage of it. All you need to do is plan out some cool ways to incorporate NFC inside your retail store. What customers want is some discount and a good treatment, and NFC technology can definitely help you do that. Here are some ways to amp up your in-store experience using NFC.

Discounts on NFC Scans

You can place NFC tags at multiple places inside your stores and ask the customers to find the tags and scan them to get a special discount. In this way, you will not only improve the customer experience, you will also compel the customers to visit your store again. They would love to go through the same things and get a discount at your store, which will keep them from going to another store.

Use Social Media

Another great way to improve customer experience is to use NFC tags which lead the customer to your social media portals i.e. your Facebook and Instagram pages. You can post attractive content on your social media pages such as giveaways and special discount contests. People can participate in those posts to avail the discounts, while increasing the popularity of your store.

Courtesy Messages

Another useful way to increase customer engagement is to install tags which send courtesy messages to your customers. For instance, the message could say “Thank you for shopping at our store. Drop by again to avail a 5% discount,” or something similar. Messages like these will increase the chances of your customer stepping inside your store once again.

If you are a storeowner who thinks NFC is a great tool to increase sales and improve customer experience, then you should invest in RFID tags. They will help you achieve your monthly sales targets.