Future of E-Packaging and Intelligent Packaging

Both Apple and Android phones provide access to scan QR codes, RFID and NFC tags. Billions of devices support RFID-NFC technology by tapping over the product, making connected packaging a democratized concept.  Connected packaging embraces quality and value, which makes smart packaging significant. On the one hand, RFID, NFC, QR codes, and smart sensors are the drivers of connected packaging. On the other hand, it uses these drivers to offer seamless benefits such as accessing how-to-do tutorials, disposal instructions, validating authenticity and integrity of products. 

Besides, digital markers, including Snapchat’s Snapcodes, Spotify Codes, Coca-Cola’s Sip & Scan marks, Amazon’s SmileCodes are the leading technologies for product packaging to enable omnichannel consumer experiences.  

Nevertheless, this is just the beginning of the connected packaging era; it allows your newly purchased items to talk with the home’s prior products. E-packaging and intelligent packaging work as a silent salesman for a company. 

Retailer and brand owners know that covering of products plays a significant influence on the consumer-buying decisions. The sizes of box, the color of packages, the contour of bottle, printing style on the product are all essential factors. But intelligent packaging brings the concept of smart connectivity, and that’s why it’s way more different than the conventional packaging system. According to estimation, the total worth of smart packaging will reach $39.7 billion by the end of this year. Similarly, Gartner estimated that the total number of connected products will be 20.4 billion in the coming year. Subsequently, all these drivers, digital markers and benefits are fortifying the future of E-packaging solutions.

Once the company has embraced smart sensors for their products, they can speak to users without a salesperson. Connected packages functionality is limited to the point-of-sale, rather they perform all duties from source to sales. Packages containing RFID and NFC tags interact with readers, cloud-servers and mobile devices to become a part of a connected age. 

The future of E-packaging and intelligent packaging is secure; they satisfy customer needs and expectations according to their preferred tastes. Therefore, it is the right time to invest in smart packaging. Some companies think that smart packaging is a smart investment as it helps the brand owners to build direct connections with mobile-conscious and digital fleets. With smart packaging, brands can bring life into their products, for example;

  1. 19 Crimes & Living Wine Label helps the drinkers to scan their wine bottles through NFC-enabled smartphone. The brand’s application induces life into the characters of the bottle by featuring Augmented Reality (AR) technology.
  2. Kraft Heinz featured NFC technology in its Single Cheese food items, helping the foodie access coupons for instant checkouts.
  3. Smart pill bottles help the patients to take an accurate amount of dosage and sip of syrup. These bottles constantly track patient’s conditions and alert them if they’ve missed a prescription. Thus, these bottles are a smart prescriber and play the role of a life savior. 

It shows that companies are already using smart packaging solutions to promote their products in the competitive market. With intelligent packaging, your product can become a part of the connected world and introduce itself to consumers without your help. To stand out from the crowd, deploy smart packaging solutions in your store because the future of logistics is revolving around connected things.