Emmi: A Swiss Dairy Company Making The Most Out Of QR Codes

Connected packaging and smart packaging is going to change the retail market soon, and it wouldn’t be surprising if everyday items adopt these technologies as well. A century-old Swiss dairy product provider, Emmi has a reputation of leading the industry with their innovative quality products. Emmi launched a campaign to implement connected packaging and interactive digital marketing. Emmi partnered with Appetite Creative in order to develop a gaming platform for smartphones that can provide an interactive experience with any of the four milk products offered by Emmi.

Product Ecosystem And Architecture For A Connected Experience

Emmi’s connected ecosystem consists of a few different components. They partnered with the best in the industry, such as Tetra Pak for product packaging and Appetite Creative for digital system architecture and mobile games. Tetra Pak implemented QR codes on the packaging where users can scan the QR codes and enter into an entry-level jackpot round in the app, leading them to different games to pay.

Developed games would be collecting some of the user data from the unique QR codes printed by Tetra Pak that users could get a return as discount offers and raffle entries. These ecosystems would collect information such as:

  • Age of the user,
  • User’s gender,
  • User’s location,
  • Hours of engagement & presence duration on the platform
  • The location of package purchase

Emmi collected the information mentioned above to get valuable insights about the customer interests and supply as per the demand. This campaign and user statistics will also allow the brand to look into the user’s social media preferences.

Customer Engagement Games Delivered With Emmi Products

Emmi launched four games with their app for users to engage in it while the users can learn more about the products offered by the brand and receive the rewards. These four games include:

  • A quiz game similar to Tinder where the user can answer specific questions and get a match with an exact Emmi product based on their choices and they would earn a discount on that particular product as well.
  • Emmi jump game where the user has to run along the way while avoiding the sugar and catching the Oat Milk throughout the track.
  • Emmi flip game where the user has to flip the product until all the sugar is gone off the Emmi Milk.
  • Lastly, a game where the user would have to catch the dropping Emmi products called Emmi Fall. The user will lose the collected points if the user grabs the sugar mistakenly.

Connected packaging with a printed code is an economical technology to implement, and it can be used to exchange information in the most effortless manner. A daily consumed product must consider every lending cost in the accounts as such Emmi’s inexpensive implementation of NFC did not put any strain on it’s existing customers. This campaign didn’t charge anything additional to customers. Instead, it rewarded them for their engagement while the brand was able to get insights for better sales strategy, the kind of approach expected from a century-old renowned company.