Benefits of Smart and Connected Packaging in the Gaming Industry

In these days, the packaging industry has been evolved from a protective layer to a marketing box. With the constant arrival of new techniques and manufacturing tools, the packaging is not confined to the protective barrier; instead, it offers exceptional functionality for all fields, including gaming. Brands and gaming industry can engage players in new ways through exclusive gaming content, special discounts, elite collaborations and enhanced features. As a result, gaming industries can endure high customer loyalty as well as a high return of investment. 

Improving Loyalty

Xbox and PlayStation are the big players of the gaming industry. Connected packaging enables these leading players to further improve their brand names by acquiring the loyalty of players. Connected packages allow Xbox stores to insert extra card or new gaming cards in their package, helping the players to unlock latest features, characters or exclusive content.

Engaging Players

Connected packages also offer limited-time characters that can be downloaded from one level of the game and played on another level. Moreover, connected packages also help the players to unlock other universes through special characters or code. The ability to unlock new codes and features engage the audience constantly and permit them to explore more gaming functionalities.

Boosting Motivation

Makers of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode has deployed connected packaging module to allow customers to discover high levels, potential fighters and squads. Connected packages are considered as a big hit to boost the motivation of players, and to improve the financial assets of companies. They motivate the customers to buy a physical version of gaming content instead of downloading an application from the app store. 

Touchcode, an intelligent and connected packaging company, motivates the brands to offer exclusive content and special features. Touchcode designed passports that could be attached with the headsets, helping the customers to discover different virtual worlds. These passports were used by Mattel and Google team to enhance VR experience. According to estimation, Google sold over one million headsets clipped with Touchcode passports. 

Experiencing Digital Version

In one of our previous blogs, we’ve discussed how NFC is a game-changer for analog board games. A similar approach was adopted by Nukotoys who employed Touchcode’s invisible conductive ink onto their gaming cards. When the players tap over these analog cards through their smartphones, they bring a character from a card into real life.  Nukotoys used Touchcode over 150 cards of Monsterology and Animal Planet Wildlands games. Nuko has also received multiple awards due to innovative and creative campaign.

Correspondingly, Touchcode’s conductive ink was also used by Gormiti for its trading cards. Customers scan code through their handheld devices and receive premium content, video trailers, 3D animations and unlock collectible features. 

In a nutshell, connected packages not only allow players to collect gamifying deals but enable the owners to offer discounts, coupons and deals. Smart packaging motivates the players to buy physical cards, helps the gaming industry to delight their customers by offering incentives rewards.