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Smart Packaging Solution
Out of BOX


RFID or NFC technology enables every package to come with a unique identifier for maximum brand protection.

Customer Engagements

Interaction between consumer and brand owners as a package is the first physical touchpoint of customer’ retail experience. 

Inventory Management

Smart packaging integrates with RFID will act as a building block on the way to industry 4.0 for many industries.

ACCUZ NFC smart label

Label Solution

Ready to use Smart Label

Pre-Encoded RFID or NFC label with designated functions to fit different needs of the application.

Seamless Connection to Existing Systems

RFID or NFC label with the exact physical specifications of customer’s existing labels.

Label + Labeling

labeling solution available on request for smooth automated integration.

Package Solution

One-stop Packaging Solution

Smart Package design and manufacture to linking your brand with digital world. 


Selections of technology available for customer engagement,  maximize your marketing strategy.


The innovation of physical package design with sustainable material available. 

smart packaging