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RFID Solution

Asset Management

Track assets in real-time, automate audits, and monitor their entire lifecycle for optimal utilization.

Inventory Management

Conduct instant inventory counts, ensure shelf accuracy, and streamline stock management.

Supply Chain Visibility

Gain end-to-end visibility, track shipments real-time, and enhance transparency across the supply chain.


Deploy tamper-evident tags, ensure secure product authentication, and bolster brand trust.

asset management rfid

Asset Management

Real-Time Asset Location

Use RFID tags to instantly locate and track assets across various locations, ensuring quick retrieval and efficient utilization.

Automated Asset Audits

Conduct regular asset audits effortlessly by scanning entire rooms or areas without manual checks, reducing human error and saving time.

Asset Lifecycle Tracking

Monitor the entire lifecycle of an asset, from acquisition and usage to maintenance and eventual disposal, providing comprehensive insights into asset utilization and value.

Inventory Management

Instant Inventory Counts

With RFID, conduct rapid inventory counts multiple times a day if needed, ensuring real-time accuracy without the manual effort.

Shelf-Level Insights

Understand which items are on the shelf, in the backroom, or in transit, optimizing stock levels and reducing out-of-stocks.

Expiration & Batch Tracking

Monitor products by batch numbers and track expiry dates, ensuring product safety and compliance.

Inventory Management rfid
RFID Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-End Product Journey

Track products from manufacturer to end consumer, providing a clear picture of the entire supply chain.

Real-Time Shipment Monitoring

Monitor the location, condition, and estimated arrival times of shipments, reducing uncertainties and improving planning.

Automated Receiving & Dispatch

Automatically verify incoming and outgoing shipments against purchase orders, reducing discrepancies and errors.


Tamper-Evident RFID Tags

Use RFID tags that show visible signs of tampering, making it nearly impossible for counterfeiters to replicate or tamper with the original product without detection.

Secure Product Authentication

Embed encrypted data within RFID tags, allowing retailers and consumers to verify product authenticity instantly.

Consumer Verification Tools

Provide tools or apps that allow end consumers to scan and verify the authenticity of products, enhancing trust and brand loyalty.

rfid Anti-Counterfeiting