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We Design, Manufacture, and Deliver accurate RFID solutions, solving practical problems with a focus on customer needs,
Quality and Reliability

RFID Hardware Solution

10 years in manufacturing, trusted for quality and cost savings for our clients.

RFID Label Manufacture

Offering the widest selection of in-stock RFID labels in the world, produced to ensure high quality and durability for various applications.

RFID Card and Tag Manufacture

Producing generic RFID cards and tags with options for eco-friendly materials, ensuring sustainability without compromising quality.

Industry-Level Tag Making

Manufacturing robust RFID tags designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Custom RFID Hardware Design

Creating bespoke RFID hardware tailored to the specific physical aspects of target objects, providing precise and effective solutions.

RFID software solutions

Understanding client’s needs and delivering effective results.

Asset Management

Track assets in real-time, automate audits, and monitor their entire lifecycle for optimal utilization.

Inventory Management

Conduct instant inventory counts, ensure shelf accuracy, and streamline stock management.

Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-end visibility, track shipments real-time, and enhance transparency across the supply chain.


Deploy tamper-evident tags, ensure secure product authentication, and bolster brand trust.

We believe in working hard for the customers’ success,

because our customers’ success is our success.

Find out what ACCUZ® focuses on to ensure it.

Our Focus

Precision Engineering

We employ advanced technologies and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every RFID product meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients, delivering reliable and tailored RFID solutions that enhance their operations.

Commitment to Excellence

Through stringent quality control and continuous improvement, we consistently provide superior products, building trust and fostering long-term partnerships with our clients.

Why Choose us

We are your trusted partner in harnessing the transformative power of RFID technology. With our deep expertise and commitment to innovation, we craft RFID solutions that seamlessly integrate into your operations, bringing unparalleled efficiency, visibility, and security. Ready To Make The Leap Into the RFID-Driven Solutions? We are Listening

Office & Faclity

10 Science Park Road #03-17A, The Alpha Singapore Science Park, Singapore 117684
Level 5, Block Q, XingDao Industrial Park, LongGang, Shenzhen, China 518129
113-7, Qianhai SZ-HK Entrepreneur Hub, 35 Liyumen Street, Shenzhen China 518054


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